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10 Common Solar Panel Problems and Solutions

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The shift towards renewable energy has seen a significant rise in solar panel installations worldwide. While solar panels offer a sustainable energy solution, they are not without challenges.

Understanding common solar panel problems is required to maintain efficiency and maximize investment. Here, we highlight 10 issues solar panel users face, offering insights and solutions for each.

1. Inefficiency Due to Shading

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One of the most common problems affecting solar panel performance is shading. Even partial shading can significantly reduce a solar panel’s efficiency.

A National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) study shows that shading can decrease solar panel output by 25-30%. Solutions include strategically placing panels and regularly trimming trees or other obstructions.

2. Dirt and Debris Accumulation

Solar panels can accumulate dirt, dust, and debris, impacting their ability to absorb sunlight. Research indicates that dirty solar panels can lose over 20% of their energy output.

Regular cleaning, especially in dusty environments, is essential for optimal performance. Professionals recommend a weekly cleaning routine to keep solar panels running smoothly.

3. Hot Spots

Hot spots are caused by poor installation or faulty wiring, reducing efficiency and damage. According to the IEEE, hot spots can decrease the lifespan of solar panels and are a leading cause of panel failures. Ensuring quality installation and regular maintenance checks will mitigate this issue.

4. Microcracks in Solar Cells

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Microcracks in solar cells can occur due to physical stress during installation or environmental factors. These cracks can reduce the panels’ efficiency over time.

Purchasing panels from reputable manufacturers and using professional installation services will reduce the risk.

5. PID (Potential Induced Degradation)

PID occurs due to voltage stresses on the solar cells and can lead to significant power loss. Studies have shown that PID can reduce solar panel efficiency by up to 30% in severe cases. Using PID-resistant panels and proper system grounding are effective preventive measures.

6. Snail Trails

Snail trails and brown lines on solar panels can develop due to moisture ingress and lead to decreased performance.

According to research, panels with snail trails can show a 5-10% performance decline. Ensuring high-quality encapsulation materials in panels can help prevent this issue.

7. Inverter Failures

Inverters, which convert solar energy into usable electricity, can fail due to overheating or electrical issues. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) notes that inverter issues are among the most common solar panel problems, requiring timely repairs or replacements. Choosing the right manufacturer with aftersales support can mitigate this threat.

8. Roof Damage

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Improper solar panel installation can cause roof damage, leading to leaks or structural issues. Hiring certified professionals who understand proper installation techniques is crucial to avoid potential roof damage.

9. Corrosion

Solar panels installed in coastal areas can suffer from corrosion due to salt mist. Corrosion can degrade panels and their mounting systems. Using corrosion-resistant materials and regular inspections can prolong the lifespan of the panels.

10. Electrical System Compatibility Issues

Compatibility issues between solar panels and existing electrical systems can lead to inefficiencies. Ensure that your solar setup is compatible with your home’s electrical system, possibly requiring a system upgrade for older homes.


While solar panels are a robust and sustainable energy solution, awareness of common problems is key to longevity and effectiveness.

By understanding these issues and implementing proactive measures, solar panel owners can enjoy the full benefits of their investment. With the proper care and attention, your solar panels can provide clean, efficient energy for years.

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