How to Get Solar Leads: Step-by-Step Methods Explained

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How to get solar leads might be one of the most burning questions that solar installers might often ask, but running a successful solar business requires you to learn first. Every aspiring business needs to acquire more leads, but rarely do they know how to generate solar leads effectively. Getting leads is tough work all by itself, and ensuring their quality is a whole different story.

Let’s discuss practical ideas for a complete step-by-step process to get more solar leads and ramp up your solar lead generation.

Why Solar Leads are Crucial for Growth and Success

Let’s face it, businesses have no way of progressing without leads. Leads are contacts that are ready to interact and make transactions with your solar company.

These usually result in sales and allow them to reach out to more prospects.

Usually, generating leads is a daunting task that is usually outsourced or done through extensive expenditure, but generating your lead proves more effective.

With verified leads, you will have a good chance to usher in more jobs like increasing your client base.

Let’s just say, that without leads, all other business activities cease to function and no profits are generated. With that being said, let’s discuss methods to generate free solar leads that convert!

7 Proven Steps on How to Generate Solar Leads

After extensive research, we’ve put together seven steps that allow businesses to get started with lead generation.

Follow these steps which are used regularly by professionals and it will help you greatly.

1. Get Listed in the Top Directories

The first step in lead generation is creating your online presence. You must understand that most transactions take place online and this is where you will also meet your competition. Clients choose to search online before finalizing deals with solar companies.

There are countless companies listed on Google that have been operating for a long time and have sufficient online activity. So it’s so typical that the top companies with the most reviews will appear on the front page.

Surpassing these companies and being placed on Google’s first page is not easy. For this, we suggest you get listed in the top directories in Google My Business.

Google favors those having positive reviews, and if you get yourself listed in some of the most viewed directories, you will also generate more traffic while also sweeping in reliable and free solar leads.

2. Offer Exciting Service Packages

Once you’ve made your online presence felt, the next part of effective lead generation is making a fantastic service chart that caters to your clients’ needs.

To stay competitive, you must offer the best deal in your area. Research customer satisfaction and competitors’ service packages.

Make yourself superior to everyone else. Anyone looking for a solar company will prioritize a company that provides high-quality service that is also a good value for their money.

Learn more about the cost of solar leads in detail.


3. Increase Your Social Media Activity

Once you have your service plan in check, you must turn to social media. Social media platforms are now playing an essential role in business growth and as a crucial step in lead generation, you must adapt and survive.

Clients rely on companies that maintain active social media profiles, have good reviews, and develop interactive posts to communicate with their clients. Through social media, prospects can directly see your activities how strong your presence is, and the loyalty you’ve gained from your clients.

One loyal client can bring you lots of future leads if you’ve indulged them in the right way.

Create a profile for your company on the most popular social media platforms and dominate the competition. Maintain those profiles in a way that portrays a positive image of your business.

4. Create Engaging Content

Having properly settled in with an active social media presence, you will need to focus on the next step, which is content generation.

There’s a common saying that content is the key element in client communication in the technological era.

There’s a common saying that content is the key element in client communication in the technological era. Content is something for which you, we, and everyone go online.

So, when you’re able to post engaging content that attracts an audience, you’ll get more traffic that enables you to acquire leads faster.

Simple working pictures, client reviews, pictures or videos of your work process, and informative articles work significantly well in this field.

Writing interesting blogs regularly using proper keywords to appear on search engines can work wonders in bringing in leads.

You may also post relevant images and videos, and publish documents about your service.

Remember to always keep posting content to inform clients and prospects about your company’s current standing; offered services, and reliability. Set your goal, and start right away.

5. Place Ads on Google

When you’ve gained momentum online with your presence and client, you can then look to Google ads as the next vital step in lead generation for success. Google plays a vital role in business marketing and you can take advantage of this by placing ads for your company on Google.

Most users search on Google for all their needs which also includes reliable solar power industries and installers. They’re always looking to find the best and most reliable company to get the work done.

Google is the biggest search engine, processing 2 trillion searches every year. When you run Google ads and someone searches for solar services, Google will display your ad prioritizing it before other relevant search results.

Additionally, you can control the audience and limit the money you want to spend. You can stop the ad anytime you wish so there are no financial constraints.

With Google ads on your list, you can move to the next step without hesitation.

6. Provide Referral Incentives

With the previous steps in motion, you would have built yourself a strong client base, but this is where things will get intense.

The next step professionals follow for proper solar lead generation is having referral incentives for existing clients.


Give your existing clients a discount or an offer for each referral. It can be a reliable way to generate more leads through referral schemes.

If you can build a good relationship with your clients and prioritize their satisfaction, they will refer your business to their contacts which will help you grow exponentially.

To add to that, if you couple a referral incentive scheme with this, your clients will most likely go out of their way to aid your lead generation.

7. Cold Calling

By this time, you should have established your business with a strong client base, but the lead generation doesn’t stop there. Outreach is as important as providing solar services and the best method for this is through cold calling.

If you employ professional telemarketers who are experts in communication and have the power to convince, you can generate a steady flow of leads from cold calling.

There are websites offering sales data for telemarketing campaigns where you can obtain yours and start calling right away.

With cold calling, it’s relatively easy to reach out to prospects. Though cold calls are not seen as a friendly approach to lead generation, the process yields good results.

Buy Leads from a Lead Generation Company

Most companies find lead generation processes troublesome, and it usually takes time and effort to get the desired results.

Companies looking for verified solar leads without going through all this hassle can simply contact a reputed lead generation company and buy genuine and authentic leads.

It’s a proven method for increasing sales. If you can find a trustworthy company that sells exclusive leads with double-checked information, you can be confident about your growth.

Simply, buy the leads and focus on conversion while building a strong position for your business. Your return on investments will be satisfactory while you put your effort solely into client satisfaction.


Whenever you follow these steps for lead generation, make sure you are putting in a consistent effort. Patience and persistence have no alternatives.

If you are a newcomer to this industry, start your journey by implementing one idea at a time while planning your next move. Apply all of the aforementioned methods the results will show depending on your effort.

If you’re looking for an easy way out with a better ROI, you can get in touch with a reliable lead generation company and start growing your business right away.

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